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We are working hard to ensure you receive regular news updates throughout each working week. We are encouraging organisations, community groups and projects to share information about any service changes or community help and support available for individuals and...

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Instagram reduces content of users regarding self-harm

Instagram has pledged to remove images, drawings and even cartoons showing methods of self-harm or suicide. The move is its latest response to the public outcry over the death of British teenager Molly Russell. The 14-year-old killed herself in 2017 after viewing...

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Parent CBT course available at school

Any parents that maybe interested in learning more about PLCBT. The Psychological Welfare Practitioner who is based at Hurworth School on a Thursday will be offering a parent course. If any parent or guardian is interested in this course please contact Mrs Davidson at...

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World Mental Health Day Video

You may be aware that that it was World Mental Health Day last month. I have attached a link to a video which was released to promote Every Mind Matters- an initiative by PHE and the NHS.

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Mental Health First Aid England Newsletter

The following Mental Health newsletter has some very useful advice and tips to how to help yourself and others with mental health and looking after mental health: Mental Health First Aid England Newsletter

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Self care advice for young people

Young people told us that when they are struggling they are usually told to see a professional. They don’t often get much advice about how they could help themselves. So, we spoke to professionals and looked at academic research. Then we drew up a list of strategies...

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Children unhappiest they’ve been in 25 years (The Telegraph)

In findings published by the Children’s Society taken from their annual Good Childhood Report, “excessive social media use” is being blamed for a decline in children’s happiness, with body image, social media pressures and lack of strong friendships identified as...

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Social Pressures linked to ‘influencers’

From adults living glamorous lifestyles to young teens playing video games to children opening toys, social media influencers can mean big business for companies. But they can also provide a distorted version of reality for their followers which is why it’s important...

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CAMHS Facebook Link

Below is the link you can follow to access CAMHS – ‘Recovery College’ Facebook page. This page can give help and advice to young people as well as parents and carers.

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Mind YouTube Channel

Mind have many helpful videos with advice on many aspects of mental health, as well as self care tips. It is a very useful place to find more information on coping strategies and understanding of mental health. Please access the helpful videos through the link below:...

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Useful Links

The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families

The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families is a children’s mental health charity with over 60 years’ experience of caring for young minds. Our vision is a world in which children and their families are effectively supported to build on their own...

The Listening Post

The Listening Post was established in 2017 as a distinct project of DACYM (Darlington Area Churches Youth Ministry). The Listening Post is a listening and mentoring project that seeks to help young people with low level mental health and well-being issues in order to...

Young Minds

Leading the fight for a future where all young minds are supported and empowered, whatever the challenges. The crisis in children and young people’s mental health is real and it is urgent. More children and young people than ever before are reaching out for help with...


Young people can experience a range of mental health problems. Childhood and teenage years are a time when you are usually changing rapidly and developing all the time. You also often have to cope with many different situations and unfamiliar challenges like exams,...


We’re here for you, whatever’s on your mind. We’ll support you. Guide you. Help you make decisions that are right for you. Our tips and techniques, ideas and inspirations, can help you feel more in control. You can access them in your own time, at your own pace! We...


XenZone is a provider of online mental health services for children, young people and adults. Kooth, from XenZone, is an online counselling and emotional well-being platform for children and young people, accessible through mobile, tablet and desktop and free at the...

The Mix

Online guide to life for 16-25 year olds. Straight-talking emotional support is available 24 hours a day. Chat about any issue on our moderated discussion boards and live chat room.


Mental illness and suicidal thoughts can affect anyone, of any age, of any background, at any time. Like with physical illnesses, people don’t choose to have a mental health problem. And they need the appropriate care to get better. Mental illness and suicidal...


Charity for the prevention of young suicide, offering confidential support and awareness training.